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Athletics - World Challenge is very much the same as the classic 'Track and Field' where you'll have to join in on heaps of different trials - just like in the Olympics. Run the 100m dash, throw javelins, somersault, and pole vault your way to glory.

Overall in Athletics - World Challenge you'll have ten different feats to accomplish, each one with its own gameplay and mechanics, although they all require the same set of skills. In 'Track and Field' normally, you had to button jam as fast as you can in order to run faster. Luckily, especially for your screen, in this game instead of going for speed, you'll be aiming for precision when tapping.

As always, there are some events that are easier than others. In the speed and resistance trials, all you'll need to do is keep a steady stream of taps to run. But, during the javelin throws, you'll have to maintain a perfect balance between strength and the direction of your throw.

Athletics - World Challenge is a fun sporty game that's simple, but entertaining. It's graphics are exactly the same: pixelated and light, well adapted to a similarly styled gameplay.

Android 2.3.3 or higher required

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